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Event Photography

At Bob’s Photography, we offer our clients on Long Island with events photography to cover a wide range of events. We have a number of professional and expert photographers that will provide you with the overall coverage of your events. We cover events such as award ceremonies, burials, speeches, balls, luncheons, dinners and many more. Whatever event it is you have planned, we can help you cover it.

Event Photos

We have been in the business of event photography for a while now, so we are knowledgeable in how best an event should be covered. When we cover your event for you, we will provide you with a photo selection that will include every single aspect of your event, making sure that not a single detail is left out. We will also ensure that all the intimate and discrete moments as well as candid moments, make it to the selection.

We guarantee that we will document your event in style, and provide you with high-quality photos that can later be used for marketing needs, reportage or social media. Also, we can provide photo booths in addition to the general photo service, so that your guests can also have their personal or group pictures taken at the event. Our photographers are fun to work with and will put you and your guest at ease so you can enjoy a great photography experience.

Whatever event you have planned, contact us today and let us help you document it in style.

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