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Family Photography

Family photography is one aspect of photography that every home should participate in. The pictures come out beautiful, and many years after, you will be able to look through them with the fondest of memories. They can also be a reminder of the love and bond that was shared over the years. At Bob’s Photography, we can provide your family with the family portrait it requires, featuring all members of your family, with their personalities in check.

Family Photos

We are the go-to company for family portraits on Long Island, as we have been in the business for years. Our photographers can capture amazing family photos in your home if that’s what you want, as well as at our studios, or any location of your choice. You and your family can also come to the shoot with any family heirloom if any, or any other props that you want. Our photographers can direct the shoot to match the personalities of each individual, or you can come to the shoot with any pre-arranged theme. We advise families to choose matching outfits for uniformity and they can decide to change outfits as many times as they want. Our selection will include photos of the kids and parents, one with only the parents, and one with just the kids.

Family portraits are a great way to preserve beautiful family moments, so contact us today and let us help you achieve this.

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