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Photography Services

Bob’s Photo offers professional photography services in our Manhasset photo studio, on Long Island, and in the NYC area.  Our New York photographers specialize in such vents such as engagements, birthdays, parties, and much more.  We offer affordable photography on Long Island in-home and on location.

Baptism Photography

The baptism of your child is an important event that happens once in a lifetime. As such, you want to make the experience a memorable one for them by having the spiritual exercise photographed.

Although baptism photography is typically demanding and difficult due to the splashes of water and movements involved, professional photographers at Bob’s Photo will skillfully capture the moment in the most beautiful and appealing manner.

We are happy to service customers in Manhasset, New York for more than 10 years, combining our unmatched technical expertise and vast experience to provide satisfactory services that preserve your most cherished memories. We provide the best and most affordable baptism photography services on Long Island.

Our best in class services allow you to capture every important moment that matters to you and have them preserved for future references. We will make sure your baby’s safety is prioritized throughout the photoshoot, so you can have the peace of mind knowing that you’re in safe hands.

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Engagement Photography

Engagement represents an exciting and fulfilling occasion that launches you and your fiancé/fiancée on the path of starting a lifelong journey as a couple. That said, every moment deserves to be captured and preserved to keep the memories afresh every time.

At Bob’s Photo, we specialize in engagement photography, helping you to capture the beautiful moments of love in the artistic and aesthetic manner possible. Engagement photography sessions with us are fun and full of lively moods that reflect the overarching theme of your occasion.

Whether you have a specific location in mind, or would like us to recommend one, we have a team of supportive and friendly engagement photographers that will work closely with you to ensure that your one of a kind experience is well represented on prints of your desired forms and formats.

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Event Photography

Whether you’re hosting a business or personal event, the gathering is as important as a standard professional portraiture. It shows you, or your business in its element and is vital for your marketing, social media and personal purposes.

Event photography professionals at Bob’s Photo have in-depth knowledge and experience over 10 years, working with private and commercial clients of all types and sizes. We work through a range of conditions, including photographing sporting events such as hockey and baseball matches, political campaigns, and conferences. Whether your event takes place in a large ballroom or in a small office, you can rest assured that you have capable hands handling your event photography.

We have been trusted by many household brands and businesses to capture their corporate events. We assure you of the best quality service at highly competitive prices. Get in touch with us today!

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Family Photography

Your family is the most precious thing in the world, and every moment spent together with your loved ones counts. One way to preserve and immortalize your fondest memories with family members is through family photography. We specialize in family photography, providing you the best quality family photo shoots delivered in different formats. We help you create informal, relaxed yet aesthetically choreographed pictures that reflect today’s modern families.

Many families get discouraged to proceed with taking family photoshoots because they typically take time to plan and organize. At Bob’s Photo, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you coordinate your family photoshoot in the most organized manner that does not waste your precious time. We will listen attentively to your individual requirements and create an image that you will treasure for years to come.

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Maternity Photography

The period of pregnancy represents some of the most special moments in every woman’s life. Therefore, you deserve to have the best pregnancy photography that captures such a unique time in your life. We provide the highest quality maternity photography services to our customers throughout Long Island.

Our maternity shoots are empowering and relaxing, creating a huge opportunity for you to preserve the memories of your pregnancy period. Depending on your preference, we can take your pictures fully or semi clothed. Also, you may decide to come along with your spouse and/or other kids you may have.

Your pregnancy photoshoot can be taken at our state of the art studio or any other location of your choice. Either ways, you will be handled with utmost care given your condition. Our services are of the highest quality and very affordable.

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Newborn Photography

Capturing the first days of your baby is one of the most timeless and natural ways that can create exciting memories for you and the baby when they grow up. Bob’s Photo is proud to service the newborn photography needs of our customers on Long Island. Our approach to newborn photography is simple, but extremely unique with an emphasis on your baby as the beautiful artistic subject of inestimable value.

We will be more than happy to be part of the process of creating unforgettable memories for your newborn baby. We offer safe, quick and affordable newborn photography services. Get in touch today and let us know how we can help you preserve the memories of your kid.

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Passport Pictures

We help our customers create high quality passport pictures and visa photos with 100% guarantee of acceptance. Passport photography experts at Bob’s Photo take the business of passport photo visa photos seriously and we work hard to make sure that we create satisfactory outcomes that you will be most pleased with. Our passport photo services are quick, reliable and affordable.

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Product Photography

Having your products captured in a high-resolution, appealing and aesthetic way help you communicate the quality and benefits that your products offer to your target audience. More than blocks of text, professional product photography can reveal the beauty of your product and compel people to take the next action you want them to take as you propel them along through their buyer’s journey.

We understand that all products are not the same. This is why we employ different approaches and strategies for different projects. Our professional product photographers have the required knowledge and experience to take great pictures that will sell your product faster.

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