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Photo Prints

photo prints off phone

Professional Large Format Photo Printing Services You Can Trust

Bob’s Photo is one the best photo printing shops in Manhasset, New York on Long Island. We pride ourselves as a reliable one-stop professional photo printing shop, providing a wide range of high quality prints tailored to your needs and specification in a variety of print sizes.

Whether you’re transferring your most precious memories from photo books to prints on Paper, Acrylic, Metal or Canvas, our well-trained and highly experienced photo printing specialists can help you to preserve and display your cherished memories in your desired medium.

We treasure every customer’s memories, this is why we do our best to ensure that the printed products do not fall short of their expectations. Your photo prints will not only come out beautiful, lovable and adorable, they will last a lifetime as we have a track record of using the best photo printing materials on the market.

Bob’s Photo has been serving families and businesses in Nassau County and the surrounding areas for more than ten years. We hold a reputation of providing custom professional photo printing services and digital imaging support across the county. We print on a broad range of the finest archival papers available. We use the best art pigment ink digital printing technology to create impressive photo prints on all forms of surfaces. We can print up to 64″ wide by any length of your choice.

Photo Prints From Your Phone

These days, smartphones are commonplace and are usually readily available to capture events and moments of excitement. We can help you get your beautiful photos off your phone and have them printed on any surface of your preference. We print photos directly from any kind of smartphone such as iPhone and Android in our photo shop, using the latest software on the market.

Call us today to get great quality photo prints from your camera, SIM cards, Memory cards, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts in minutes.

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Photo Prints Products That Reflect Innovation and Creativity

As one of the leading and foremost photo shops in the city, we make great reproduction of your memories without a negative. We will scan your originals and produce high quality photo prints on archival paper, making improvements in brightness and vibrancy. As experienced photo printing specialists, we can turn your prints into brilliant photo gifts such as mugs, key rings and puzzles to name a few.

Products That Reflect Innovation and Creativity

At Bob’s Photo, we combine our knowledge and expertise of photo reproduction with creativity to deliver photographic products that preserve your memories. Whether you want your photos printed as wall art or photo gifts, we will make sure that you get the highest quality service possible at an affordable price. Our high quality photo prints come in different sizes, printed on a variety of surfaces depending on your choice.

We’re Photo-Loving People

There’s a clear difference between those who see photography as a career and those who see it as a hobby. We are always happy to work on every new project as it gives us the opportunity to do what we love and enjoy doing. We see photography beyond a career. We see it is a culture, our way of life. Our staff are photo loving people, making them the best hands to handle your project.

Whatever the quality, size or format of photo print you’re looking for, we have capable hands to handle the project and deliver the best service that exceeds your expectations. All our photo prints are produced in the state of the art studio with best equipment and manned by real people. We make sure that all photo prints meet your specifications with exacting standards.

Types of Photo Printing Services We Provide

Radiant Acrylic Photo Prints

Using a combination of proven technical expertise, experience and world-class production techniques, we can get your memories printed on sleek acrylic prints. Acrylic prints boast of modern, high-definition and vibrant impact, making your family photos superbly attractive and admirable wherever they are displayed. Acrylic prints are known for their durability as they are backed with an extra layer of aluminum. The results are studio quality products that will fit any decor, and suitable for personal and professional settings.

High Definition Metal Prints

Only few things are more desirable than being able to capture your special moments and preserve them for the coming generations. Metal remains one of the most durable surfaces to preserve your photos for a lifetime. We will help you infuse your photos into an aluminum sheet that you can easily hang anywhere. Our top quality metal photo prints are available in all print sizes.

Custom Greeting Cards

Sometimes, photos are the best and most suitable medium to express your deepest feelings to the loved ones. But how about combining carefully selected photos and powerful words to express yourself to someone or people that you truly care about on special occasions?

This is what our custom made greeting cards can do for you. You can choose from a variety of template designs and create your own personalized pictures and text to celebrate a special moment.

Fascinating Canvas Prints

Canvas prints enable you to give your most cherished memories a traditional, artsy and elegant look. Available in a variety of print sizes, we make beautiful canvas prints stretched on a 1½ inch, pine wood frame and ready to hang.

We print on a varied selection of photo canvas such as the matte canvas with a right white and smooth weave and creak proof cotton poly blend. This material can be easily stretched, finished, painted or varnished, and it’s more resistant to abuse than paper. Interestingly, canvas prints can be further worked on by painters and artists who might like to use the image as a multimedia piece.

Top Quality Photo Prints and Large Prints

You can order your high quality photo print online from our highly equipped photo processing lab. Your photos will be printed on traditional silver photo paper. You can select from different photo paper finishes in a variety of print sizes.

Why Choose Us?


Bob’s Photo has been serving the needs of the photographic community for more than ten years. We are renowned for the superior quality of our prints and our outstanding customer service. We have become the one stop photo lab of choice for customers and professional photographers across the county and beyond.


While much of what we do requires deep technical expertise and experience, ability to pay attention to details is extremely vital to deliver professional services that delight the customer. At Bob’s Photo, we make sure that every project is handled meticulously.

Excellent Customer Service

We are always driven by our mission to exceed customers’ expectations in every project we handle. We help create and enhance digital experiences featuring friends and families.

Affordable Prices

At Bob’s Photo, we make it possible for our customers to get the highest quality photo prints without breaking the bank.

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