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Professional Headshots

Need a Professional Headshot That Effectively Communicates Your Personality and Identity?

Then Bob’s Photo Manhasset on Long Island is where you want to be. Schedule your professional headshot appointment online now.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, online consultant, business coach, a model or a public figure then having a professional headshot is an important part of what you do.

Headshots are important for making a statement and showing your unique personality while still staying professional within the industry you operate in. A professional headshot sets the tone of what message you are trying to communicate professionally.

At Bob’s Photo Lab, we are known for delivering dynamic, flattering portraits and a unique, interactive experience. Alex has years of experience providing professional business portraits for individuals and companies of all sizes. So, rest assured that, regardless of what your requirements and needs are, we are more than capable of delivering a truly unique and excellent experience.

We will help you take a professional headshot that truly matches and reflects your personality and the messaging you want your audience and people in your network to have about your brand.

You Need a Professional Headshot for Your LinkedIn Profile

If you own a LinkedIn account then your headshot is an integral part of your branding and what you are really about. If you are open to job opportunities then you already know how important your LinkedIn page can be for securing that internship placement or position in companies within your industry.

A lot of recruiters use your profile picture to gauge your personality and how professional you are, this is why using a headshot rather than a random photo can help you make a good and lasting first impression that can eventually change your career positively.

Will a Selfie Fly For a Professional Headshot?

Well, pretty much anything can fly but a selfie is not recommended for a professional headshot you want to upload to your LinkedIn page or add to your bio on other platforms. Yea, everyone can do a selfie in today’s world of advanced phone cameras, but it isn’t a great fit for headshot. A selfie makes an emotionally blank face, and you might find it difficult to make a positive impression. Remember, it isn’t just about taking a photograph, you are making a statement and expressing your personality. This is why you need a professional behind the camera with the right equipment, directing and making the clicks.

If you want a competent and experienced photographer for your professional headshot, Bob’s Photo Lab is the place to be. The environment and everything in there is set to help you get a perfect shot that clearly expresses your personality without a doubt!

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Professional Headshots

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